The Hunger Games (no spoilers)

Posted by Someone Else at 4:39pm Mar 26 '12
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Saw the movie on Saturday, with Lincoln.

I'll reply with a more in-depth post that will include some spoilers, but I'll keep it spoiler-free (and rather brief) here.

I'd call it a 95% good adaptation--which, given how picky I am, is probably the closest any adaptation will ever come to a perfect score.

A few characters weren't introduced, or were underdeveloped (though, underdeveloped characters is one of my biggest qualms with the books, too). A few concepts were glossed over. Some pacing was changed from how I think it should've been done (a few things were dragged out a bit that felt unimportant; a few things were condensed that seemed much more vital).

But overall, it didn't outright change much at all, and it stayed very true to the book.

And for bonus points, it explained itself well enough that Lincoln, who's never read the book, was able to follow it. He was even able to explain some concepts to me that I quizzed him on just to see if an ignorant viewer would understand. :)
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