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Posted by Sir Four at 11:37am Mar 9 '13
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What do you personally feel about America's role in world affairs as the lone superpower? And beyond yourself, what's the general view of people in your area on this topic?

Do you, and does your local area, view America as a largely beneficent force that opposes human rights violators and defends shipping lanes--a force for world stability and growth? Or is America looked upon warily as out for her own interests, intruding in foreign affairs and creating instability? Do you prefer the status quo, or would you prefer to see the US balanced by China, Russia, or another large power? Are the countries/leaders that are considered villains by the US seen the same way by the people of your area, or is there more of a sympathy toward them, or are you indifferent? In particular I'm thinking about Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Myanmar. How would America's foreign policy need to change for your opinion of it to improve? Would you welcome closer cooperation on international affairs between your country and America? Do you see Americas strength as a benefit or detriment to your country's growth/prosperity/security?
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