Energy-saving home improvement projects

Posted by Kromey at 1:26pm Jun 6 '12
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So, it looks like I'll be a homeowner in a little more than a month! The house we're buying is already 5-star rated (that might be a local thing; it's a rating of energy efficiency, and while it's out of 5 possible stars the highest rating is actually "5-star-plus"), but there's always room for improvement!

I'm looking for some simple home improvement projects I can do to reduce energy and utility costs. For example:
* Replacing thermostats with programmable digital ones so that we can automatically lower the temp while we're gone or asleep.
* Adding a blanket to the hot water heater, and pipe insulation to the pipes coming out of it and the furnace.
* Convert toilets to dual-flow/low-flow.

Anyone have any more ideas? While the goal is simple, preferably cheap do-it-yourself projects, good ideas for larger projects are also welcome! Keep in mind the climate I'm in -- 80-90F/26-32C in the summer, -40F/-40C in the winter.

And if it's relevant to your suggestions, heat is from natural gas, and the oven and stove are electric.
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