NaNoWriMo! NaNoWriMo!

Posted by Kromey at 3:11pm Oct 5 '12
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My goal this year: Continue my winning streak, and make it 3 years running!

My story this year: Despite my only victories being each with the same story (a complete, from-scratch re-write the second year, of course), this year I'm writing a different one. The plot's not hashed out at all yet; I'm just going to start writing it and see where it goes. The main character you may already be familiar with.

I'm going to start off by killing her in a car accident. Nothing spectacular, pretty mundane. But then she wakes up later, elsewhere, without a scratch on her. Naturally her first thought is that the accident was just a dream, but she'll quickly realize that it really happened.

As she begins to dig deeper, she'll discover that someone else already knows more about her than she does -- and they're after her now, a shadowy corporation that apparently wants to twist her abilities to their own ends, whatever those may be.

Now she has to stay one step ahead of them, while piecing together what she can about her own nature.

Alternate story: I still may pull a last-minute switcheroo and make it 3 years running on the same story, although this time writing it as a more typical zombie apocalypse story rather than the "political thriller" story its previous incarnations have been -- although there will still be a healthy dose of political intrigue, of course! (Or, if my previous story hits a wall, I may switch to this one mid-month to keep myself writing.)
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