March month-end results

Posted by Kromey at 2:07pm Mar 27 '13
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Okay, let's see if I can put together a convenient table for you...


(Ugh, that's a pain in the arse to do -- probably the last table you'll see!) I continue to make progress losing weight, with another 4.4 lbs gone this month, bringing my total lost to almost 10 pounds! Overall that's behind schedule; if I can keep up the same rate I had in February and March, though, I could still reach my goal of 50 pounds lost by the end of the year!

I plan also to, in the very near future, start growing my own veggies -- I want to get a hydroponic system up and running within the next month or so, and that will almost certainly lead to me eating more veggies (to say nothing of the money saved by not having to buy said veggies!). There are also a few fruits that I'm eyeing, but in general those are a bit more difficult to do hydroponically. I'm also seriously considering, a bit more down the road, converting said hydroponic system into an aquaponic system, meaning that in addition to hydroponic plants I'd also be raising and farming fish -- the idea being that the fish's waste becomes the food for the plants, which in turn filter the water for the fish.

Anyway, though, here's this month's most exciting results:
Waist: 44.5
Hips: 44.5
WHR: 1.00

This compares to "starting" (recall I didn't start measuring these until mid-January) waist and hip measurements of 46.2 and 45.5 inches respectively, and last month's 45.3 and 44.2 inches. Not sure why my hips have gone up (I measured both hips and waist 3 times to be sure), but my waist has been consistently slimming down (when it's changed at all, that is). The indicator, though, is the WHR, which "started" at 1.02 (where it has remained constant except for one brief blip down to 1.01 at the start of February) and has now dropped to 1.00 -- bringing me closer to the "healthy" WHR of 0.90! (For men; for women it's 0.85.) That's according to WHO, anyway; the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases says that men above 1.00 (or women above 0.80) are at an increased risk, but that's no longer me! (BBC Health calls my WHR "extreme" or "quite high", depending on which direction I approach it from -- 1.00 is right on the boundary between those two. According to their calculator, my WHR should be below 0.90 for "good", or below 0.85 for "excellent". With my current hip measurement, this requires waist measurements of 40 and 38 inches, respectively; I used to have a 38-inch waist, although no idea what my hip measurement was back then.)
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