Is "queer" PC?

Posted by Someone Else at 12:56am Dec 20 '13
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Talking on Facebook, I used the word queer repeatedly to refer to myself. A friend shortly after posted a status asking if the word queer is politically correct.

Obviously, if I refer to myself with it, I don't find it offensive at all. But then again, for me, it fits--in my mind, queer is the answer to not buying into the gender binary. Both my orientation and my gender are fluid, and float between masculine and feminine. And thus I consider myself queer.

I know it can be seen as an umbrella word for any non-hetero or non-cisgendered person. But is it embraced in the LGBT community as such?

I honestly avoid the LGBT community a lot, because I find it often more narrow-minded and limiting than the broader world and I feel like I've faced more discrimination within the LGBT community than outside of it, so I tend to be fairly out of touch with what the community's feelings are.

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