What is the best decade of life?

Posted by Sir Four at 9:27pm Feb 22 '10
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0-10 is pretty cool because you've got very little responsibility and everything is new and fun. You get to play lots of games, and Christmas is a blast. Also, birthday parties. Cons include total lack of independence, plus the early years are spent as a baby and you don't remember them.

11-20 has ups and downs. Some people hate high school and those awkward teenage years. But it's also a time of personal growth, experimentation, increased independence. Your first car. Your first kiss. Perhaps moving out of the house for the first time. But the stress of school can be high, trying to get into a good college, or if not then finding your first decent job.

21-30 brings even more independence as you stumble into the adult world. For some it is an extended adolescence. You may also begin to settle down, get married, etc. You may have trouble settling into a career.

31-40 seems like your adulthood is really official now. But you're beginning to hit your stride in life, most likely. If you intend to marry and have kids, you're doing it now if you hadn't in your 20s. And altough your age suggests you're starting to get old, your body isn't feeling it yet.

41-50 Ack, you've hit middle age. Having a mid-life crisis and contemplating your mortality aren't fun. But luckily you've probably got plenty more ahead. You are likely quite successful in your career at this point, and you're watching your kids grow. Your body is probably developing some aches and pains, though.

51-60 you may be getting financially pinched at this age, with kids in college and parents who need support. You are also officially getting old, yet probably aren't retired yet. You're also thinking about downsizing your home. Did you schedule that colonoscopy?

61-70 well, at least you retire in this decade (probably). You're probably a grandparent, also. And you probably don't have serious health problems (yet).

71-80 okay you're old, but perhaps still socially active in senior groups. Hopefully your health holds up as well as you can expect. How is retirement treating you?

81 and beyond, if you've made it here, congratulations. It's not going to be easy, though. Health issues become a constant concern, and your friends keep dying. =( But it can't be all bad, right?

I'm going to say the best decades of life are 0-10 and 31-40. What do you say, and why?
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