GPS vs smart phone with navigation ap

Posted by Someone Else at 3:57am Jun 9 '11
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I'm gonna be doing a big road trip this fall. I want some high tech nav help. I'm leaning more towards a dedicated GPS--found a TomTom I kinda like--but my brother put forth an argument for a smart phone tonight. So now I'm a bit torn. I do like the stored maps on the GPS unit, and the extended database of potential points of interest (world's biggest ball of string? eh, what the hell, been a slow day, I'll check it out). But the smart phone is a lot more versatile overall. However, I love my iPod touch and I kinda like the low tech phone I have (well, actually I want a new one, but I still want a low tech one).

Ideally as cheap as possible, since I'm hardly swimming in cash and need about $2k more to comfortable leave town (donations welcome). But it'd be nice to get something good and useful in the long run, I'm gonna be totally lost in the lower 48 and wouldn't mind having navigational help that lasts long after my road trip.

this is the one I'm kinda leaning towards. $150 is about the max of what I'd like to spend--this one includes lifetime map updates and such.
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