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Posted by C at 8:56pm Feb 3 '13
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Ok, so apparently lots of media content is blocked in Canadia and Britland, and other countries outside the USA. In order to access this content, you need to be in a certain region, like the US. Previously, to view such content outside of the US, you'd need to use a US-based proxy or VPN, but those are slow and they can be unreliable.

Well, I've come across a couple solutions (browser extensions) that work really well if you use Google Chrome.

Firstly, there's MediaHint --

This allows you to use these sites:

Now you can access these sites, outside of the US!

There's another Google Chrome extension called Hola --

This allows you to use any website regardless of region. So, this works for folk in the US to watch BBC iPlayer, for instance, and allows for those outside the US use various websites, regardless of what region they are from. The service is crowd sourced, so the more people that use it, the better the quality of streaming and browsing.


Both of those walk you through the install process. These extensions aren't perfect but at least they're free (other than a Netflix subscription, or the like).

Have fun :)

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