Newsweek article on teens' predisposition to crime

Posted by Psilocybin at 10:44pm Aug 8 '17
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Today, Newsweek has an article titled "Teen Crime May Be a Result of Culture, Not Biology, Study Suggests". This builds upon the work of Robert Epstein in debunking the "teens have flawed brains" myth.

Did you know that in Taiwan, crime is highest among people in their late twenties and early thirties, instead of among teens and early twentysomethings? It's not teens who commit the most crimes there.

One thing they don't mention is the "lump" in the python of crime rates by age in the United States that has followed Generation Jones (people born 1958-1963) as they have aged. In 1987, there was a lot of crime among twentysomethings. In 2017, there's a lot of crime among fiftysomethings.

I encourage all of you to check the article out, if you haven't already, at Newsweek. It's at

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