my quest continues!

Posted by 79 at 10:37pm Dec 4 '13
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i have no bloody idea what quest it is, but i do hope to gain some valuable exp.

i may have mentioned that i've been talking with mormons for a few months now - every couple of weeks, give or take. because it's interesting.

today finally got around to having coffee with a catholic friend of mine to talk about that, too.

basically, i've always been curious about religions... well, not necessarily the religions themselves, i guess, but more so what they do for people. what do they get out of it? how does it shape the way they view the world? that kinda thing. yeah, those are crazy open-ended questions, but once you get into it (given an air of mutual respect, honesty, and stating ones intentions clearly) there's some fascinating stuff.

more specifically, for instance, i'm confused about why heaven is so one parses the tricky bits of to tell the difference between godly "voices" (mormons: god answers prayers, catholics: holy spirit lives in us, etc) and other feelings.

so yeah, quite fun. tricky bit about the conversation today, though: she's a creationist. that's gonna be tough, because i can't just be curious about's like someone telling me the earth is flat (much much more so,'s literally someone telling me that any branch of science i care to name is completely incorrect).

oy vey. what do you tell someone like that, someone whom you respect and like in every other way? someone who you believe truly has the best interests of everyone in her heart and is a wonderful person? it's like your computer suddenly turning to you and asking what all these circles and lines are - *does not compute* no matter how i try to think about it.

we're planning on meeting next week, same time. it's gonna be interesting.

(my quest rocks!)

added on 10:38pm Dec 4 '13:

(oh, yeah, should mention - i didn't know she was a creationist before today, and she's a college friend of mine)

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