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Posted by Psilocybin at 12:30am Jun 18 '19
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In my email box today:


Thank you for supporting Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 8, which would lower the voting age to 17 in California.

This Wednesday, the Assembly Elections Committee will hold its first hearing on the bill – the first important vote for the passage of ACA 8.

We decided early on to sponsor this bill, and now is the time to raise our voices loudly to ensure the Legislature knows we're all in on this.

Will you call or tweet your legislator to remind them that you support ACA 8 and lowering the voting age to 17?

We're sponsoring ACA 8, authored by Assembly member Evan Low, because we are committed to providing greater access and opportunity to voting. This bill gives young people a voice in the democratic process and instills lifelong habits of voting.

For many Californians today, especially young people, climate change isn't a distant concept, it's impacting our daily lives and communities right now. Organizations, including the Sunrise Movement and the Courage Campaign, in California and around the country have organized themselves to hold government accountable in addressing climate change and environmental justice.

Expanding the right to vote is a critical step towards climate justice for all.

Since we first announced we were joining forces with Assemblymember Evan Low on this bill, here's the progress we've made:

We've raised awareness by launching the #17toVote campaign
We've secured the support of over 60 organizations across the state
We've received an endorsement from the California Young Democrats
We've gained bipartisan support with over 23 co-authors in the Legislature

And we're just getting started.

Getting this passed by the Assembly and onto the ballot in November 2020 will require hundreds of thousands of voices speaking and standing strong in support of a more inclusive democracy and bold climate action. We need to keep up the momentum, and we need your support.

Make your voice heard right now: tweet and call your legislator to share your support for ACA 8 and let them know this is a huge priority for the environment.

Thank you for your continued support for CLCV. We're glad we have you in this fight with us!

Melissa Romero
Legislative Affairs Manager
California League of Conservation Voters

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