Is your brain wired to be liberal or conservative?

Posted by Psilocybin at 9:25pm Sep 16 '17
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At there is a test to find out whether you're wired to be a Republican or a Democrat. Answer these questions about disgust, and it will show you where you are on the liberal/conservative spectrum.

It gave me 20% conservative and 80% liberal. However, a few of my answers were, well . . . not the kind they had anticipated. For example, they had a couple of questions about odors. I had to answer "No disgust", because I'm anosmic, not because I could tolerate unpleasant smells. I answered the ketchup-on-ice-xxxxx question as "Extreme disgust", because ice xxxxx by itself is gross. I just so happen to be very squeamish about ocular stuff (often fainting at the optometrist's), so I answered the question about taking the glass eye out of its socket with extreme disgust.

There's also the issue of the first question, the one about monkey meat. Liberals/Democrats are more likely than conservatives/Republicans to support animal rights in general, and likely will believe that eating bushmeat (or cetacean blubber!) is morally wrong. Liberals are also more likely to be vegetarians.

So how did all of you score?

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