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Posted by Psilocybin at 4:40am Dec 31 '16
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The greatest political difference among the generations to come of age since World War II is not in ideology, but in how they use the tool of politics and the ballot. Boomers today are a generation of upbeat moderates, while Millennials are a generation of idealistic activists. Boomers want politicians who will strengthen the economy, make our schools great, keep America atop the world heap, keep America's defense strong, implement uniforms in public schools, protect a woman's right to choose, uphold traditional Judaeo-Christian values, protect the institution of marriage, fight terrorism, instill patriotism in our youth, make healthcare AFFORDABLE, and bring Americans together. Millennials want politicians who will forestall climate change, save the whales, legalize marijuana, free Tibet, lower the voting age and age of emancipation to 16, free Mumia, make healthcare SINGLE-PAYER, rein in college tuition, institute campaign finance reform, give LGBT people full rights, legalize music pirating, abolish indecent exposure and anti-public-breast-feeding laws, fry corporate criminals, and stop cops killing African-Americans.

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