the 8th day of creation

Posted by Rick at 7:30pm May 22 '16
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God created the universe in 6 days, and rested the 7th.

So, on the Eighth day he decided to leave his creations and explore a bit. It was a large project he started.

It is said that no none knows why God does we he does. Maybe because he is bored, maybe he wanted to give his other creations a playmate, maybe he just needed to pass the time doing something.

He came upon a black hole...and Decided to look through it. To any mortal instrument it would have been certain death by sucking...To God it was merely one of those suction vacuums in a human pool they get in a few millennium.

He saw just the blackness he did something about a week ago.

On his will or however God does what he does...he turned the other side of that black hole into its own universe.

He decided to stop he does have his creations to look out for.

Wouldn't you know it, he's gone for an hour and Adam's wife already tricked him into eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. He figured that would happen eventually...but not even an hour...oivey.

Well he had to put his foot down. That whole mess of Cain and Able took some out of him.

So he went back to his black hole. He had cleared the darkness out, obviously the next thing any universe needs are some stars. Last time it took God an entire day, but practice makes more hour is all it took.

Unlike where his other creations are this one seemed quite more finite. Oh his little creations would still be awed by it expanse...but it was quite shorter.

something told God it was time to check back on his favorite creations...He would save his black hole project for a little later.

1 hour later leave humanity alone for 5 minutes...
So the entire world just kind of descended into anarchy, debauchery, and general chaos. He had to find the one family, get them to build an arc, while he sent 2 of every animal to them so he could wipe the slate clean.
Seemed a little he made a covenant with Noah to not do that again.

God needed to take his mind of his he went back to that little black hole God's wisdom...he decided to start calling it a little pocket universe. We're not sure why, but who are we to question his will and testament.

So God gazed over the pocket...he has already added light, stars, and a few planets...this time he contemplated what to do. He saw where he put all those wicked the rate they were going there seems to be an exponential growth of them. They would need some supervision...but going back and forth between the pocket and his new Earth...he could obviously...but who likes their commute to work.

Perhaps a little self-sufficiency from the start is in order. But how? is a pocket dimension after all...maybe leave a portion of his almighty power. Other deities have done that in the past. On a lone rock he then blesses it with life. Unfortunately his sense is tingling...better get back to his creations

45 minutes later.

Really....his creations had gotten themselves enslaved by another tribe of monkeys. Ra's little tribe of minions. Well, that will just not do. He saw one of his tribe of humans, they looked a bit different now, but he knew them when he saw them.
So it took some work...its always more difficult when you don't take direct action and got that mother to send her son down the the waiting arms of an Egyptian who wanted a son. A few minutes later he was leading his true people out of Egypt...and then they screwed that up with that whole gold ram. The impudence...So it took some time, but he eventually got them out of their bondage.

Well with that taken care of, God thought he earned a break (so we think). Time to see how his little pocket universe is doing.
He gazed through the black hole...well shoot, one of the stars had gone supernova...and another one was about too.
He checked the life expecting it to find it cooked...and he wasn't shocked by what he saw...but very curious.
Life had found a way to flourish just fine...but even more curiouser was when he gazed at each life form. Their was something about them...not truly divine...but certainly not mere mortal instruments anymore. He checked the little portion of his power...and he figured it out.
Somehow the power he left manifested itself into the tiny little lifeforms he had left.
Out of the conor of his eye he saw another supernova go off...the explosion that went toward his black hole telescope was stopped...the gravity that was sucking in this universe was repelling in the pocket. It was being driven back with the other energy towards his life ball.
It all accounts it should have been microwaved to death...but it didn't. He saw his little life the energy hit...some of it was absorbed, while most was reflected...and everything went about their way.

He will have to determine why those stars the other ones he put in where just looked a bit like the gravity from numerous black holes where where the 2 had exploded. It would require more investigation.

Since everything looked just fine, he decided to let them be and return to his creations. At first everything was fine, but then a fine lad if he ever saw one needed his guidance. He saw this lad's was a magnificent one. Little David was going up against some giant or other. This was going to be a good night.

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