Posted by selftitled at 7:39am Sep 18 '13
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Nohting made me as full
as you left me

I found myself caught in
ritual but with no
idea of the why,
no eyes for what links me
to history.

It was then I began
to see how powerful
I'd become and I heard
the voice that was silenced
in my early youth.

The next morning you'd taken
on all of my monstrous
proportions, your roar
had silenced you
and as I held your neck
I finally released it

and fell on you with tears.

Before that morning I had
wandered around the block
for a few hours, looking to be found.
I saw you in a window, trying to eat.

The next day the phone call came
and the next hour
I knew we'd gotten used
to living now with no sleep.

You would close your eyes
standing up and I watched
you console yourself
with a cassette tape.

How could something
so painful be so hard to stop -
said the sunlight again.
I have known you and
known your friends and
I am coming for you
and before then
you will hand
your innocence to me
I will make you sleep
without you sleeping
and be in bliss but have
no memory of it.

It was all a trick
and the more we became
aware of its mechanics
and it's trickery the
more we became stuck in it.
You did come,
cut the ropes tying our arms.
And although I said the
words you were the one
that meant them.

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