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Posted by Psilocybin at 8:03am Feb 11 '12
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Here's a poem that rhymes without sounding cheesy. Technically, it's a song, since John Hensle has set music to it, but in The Bittersweet Generation the character Melanie reads this to Bryce as a poem she wrote.

Black Echoless Cry

Sullenly emitting
A black echoless cry
Across the vast wasteland
Where despair and defeat both lie
The [private]s of my former self
Are just beyond your reach
As my stilted, stumbled, stunted speech
Falls into a black hole
And becomes chopped up into slices
Of my former, tortured soul
Vultures carve like vampires vivisecting my veins
Of nullifying, sacred opiate content
Until only my charcoal heart remains
And a path can be traced
To that heart substitute from my wrist
Wet snakes plod through and
Toss my life before my eyes into the abyss
My small world quaked
By little didactic, unnecessary devils
Throw me against the wall
I fall down, my hair dishevelled
I call for someone to pick me up
But who will pick me up?
I eat my poise and my illusionment
And then Death gives me a drink right from his cup
This lifeless husk
Is attached genetically to these chains
That surround me like vines
How can I escape them growing into my brain?
I am an invisible alien
No place in this indifferent world
They think a solitary, nubile, fallen girl’d
Do best to sit there silently
And suck right up the vacuum you abhor
And pass it through my nether stomach
Where it remains forevermore
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