Smart people: more likely to be alone?

Posted by Psilocybin at 12:03am Mar 3 '16
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From Quora:

Are intelligent people more likely to be alone?

Answered by: Jim Davis, A faithful observer and scholar for 61 years.
134.2k Views • Upvoted by Paul Denlinger, Mensa tells me that I'm smart. I don't think so.

Smart people are more likely to be alone for several reasons.

First, being smart usually includes intellectual curiosity that may require some amount of independent study, which, to a really smart person, is fun.

Smart people may have a hard time finding peers, not in any moral sense, but a social one.

Smart people have interests that bore the hell out of a non-smart person, and they must pursue these interests alone or with one or two partners.

Smart people have a strong sense of metacognition. They are involved in thinking in a way others may not be, making them seem detached and even eccentric because they manage a busy internal agenda.

And finally, in my experience, really smart people also have a high degree of emotional and social intelligence. They can navigate the complex principles of interconnectedness, sustainability, progressivism, and moral conduct. They possess an independent, internal moral compass that makes irrelevant the efforts of church or state to control their behavior. They are consequently more likely to take unpopular positions on issues, which may make them to appear hard to know when they become too earnest.

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