Posted by Kromey at 1:19am Aug 9 '11
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Just watched this one. I had low expectations going into it, as I'd heard it was pretty bad, but the premise had intrigued me so I decided to watch it on Netflix anyway.

In a nutshell, aliens arrive unexpectedly on earth, and drop big blue lights into our cities that entrance people before snatching them up. The survivors face additional waves of the big blue lights, plus an array of alien... well, it's unclear if they're machines or monsters, or some combination thereof. Anyway, there's a few different types of these things, and they're running around snatching up the folks that don't get caught in the big blue lights.

The movie sticks with a small group of survivors hiding out in a penthouse suite. Naturally, they're at each other's throats in pretty short order. The end gets frantic once the military gets involved, but that turns out to be only the penultimate finale; the actual finale just gets stupid. And then it gets even stupider.

If you decide to watch this movie, I strongly recommend you just hit the stop button once "Day Three" rolls around -- it's actually a pretty decent movie up to that point, except for a sudden and inexplicable Hulk-like "don't make me hurt you" transformation.

Without giving anything away, I'll let you in on the fact that the start of the ending credits is a ridiculous sequence of semi-3D stills in graphic novel format, which is completely out of place, in addition to depicting a scene that is just, well, stupid. It might have worked in the latest Hulk movie, but outside of a stupid superhero movie it just doesn't work.
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