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Posted by Psilocybin at 6:13pm Nov 24 '18
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Last night I had a dream wherein I was at either a bookstore or a library. I found a thick book whose spine said it was a Japanese dictionary. It looked like an old book, but I was hoping it would be pretty up-to-date so I opened it.

Turned out it was a full-color picture dictionary. I saw several pages with fruits, vegetables, and other foods labeled -- these were near the back of the book. My father, who was at the bookstore/library with me, asked me about the "atlas" I was looking at. I explained that it wasn't an atlas.

I suddenly recognized it as a dictionary I had seen before and enjoyed. (This was one of those false memories that exists in dreams -- no such dictionary exists in the real world.) I opened up closer to the front of the book and looked at the pronoun section. They had lots of illustrations for personal pronouns. "She" and "he" showed a Japanese woman and a Japanese man, respectively. The woman was pushing a man in a wheelchair. I thought about how I had seen two people in wheelchairs so far in that dictionary.

By now, the dictionary was opened up around me and I was surrounded by a 3D world of its pictures, as if I were inside it. I opened to the animals section and saw many mammals and birds as well as a few humans -- they didn't break it down into a wild mammal section, a domestic mammal section, and a bird section the way most picture dictionaries do. The drawings were more colorful and brighter, but more cartoonish than those I had seen in the other sections of the book (the latter of which had a very 1940's feel to them, like some of the illustrations in Seventeen).

I thought about using my pinky nail to scrape out the eyes that were closed upside-down which I remembered from certain people in the humans section, but now I saw that some of the people who had been there before weren't there, which had been a result of reading the dictionary when different people were visiting. Also, it was now night instead of day as it had been the last time I read this book -- or was it day instead of night as it had been the last time?

I was now at the two-page "People" section of the dictionary, looking to view the entries for "man", "woman", "boy", "girl", etc. again and wondering if the people would all be Japanese in the illustrations. There was one brown-haired guy with his eyes closed (right-side-up!) whom I liked looking at from the first time I read it, so I looked for him. Instead I saw this family with a homemaker mother, and three kids, Abby, Sharon, and Ben, whom I also recalled from my last reading of the dictionary. They were a White family.

I remembered them. By now a song was playing. The homemaker mom went on in this song hurrying her kids to do things as they went about their day. After the first two verses, I hoped it wouldn't be over too soon, but now I remembered there was a bridge before the last verse. I thought about the YouTube video from the same franchise as this dictionary that existed of this song, and showed this family in its animation. I decided I would watch the YouTube video when I was done. Then either the bridge or the last of the three verses played, and there were two lines ending with -en words (ten, again, pen, men, etc.), followed by a third line that had the name "Ben" in the middle (Ben, as you'll recall, was the son in the family).

That was the last thing I remember before I woke up.

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