Posted by Psilocybin at 2:43am Jul 27 '17
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http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ is a website wherein you can type (or paste) in the text to your short story/novel, and it gives you editors' advice on reducing overly complex or flowery writing.

I typed in the entire text to Inner Bruise (as we have it now) and this is what it spat out:

Grade 3

Reading time: 02:29:00
Letters: 155323
Characters: 204891
Words: 37254
Sentences: 3775
Paragraphs: 1537

396 adverbs, meeting the goal of 512 or fewer.
107 uses of passive voice, meeting the goal of 755 or fewer.
36 phrases have simpler alternatives.
226 of 3775 sentences are hard to read.
87 of 3775 sentences are very hard to read.

A LOT of sentences are marked as hard, or even very hard, to read. It's in my nature to write long sentences -- do all of you really think I should shorten some?

It marked "watch" in purple (as a word with a simpler alternative) every time in showed up, even when it was used as a noun. Rather annoying.

Also, it thought "girly" was an adverb.

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