Video, holy war is used to describe the situation

Posted by Rick at 9:32am Aug 14 '16
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It's a very sad video, they had paradise and are going the way of the American Indian now.

Being solution oriented, I did think of a way they could have made this work.

It would have let the swedes still consider themselves the good of superpowers, and they can still bring in immigrants.

WHAT THEY NEEDED WAS A HARD rule on who is allowed in.

Basically a problem was these people aren't swedes and don't experience as swedes. So only children are allowed to immigrate to Sweden.

A hard no child older then 10 years old, reduces to at least 5 if not younger for more violent parts of the world.

The swedes being so good, would foreseeable have little to no trouble adopting a child of this young to live in their homes.

And in 20 to 30 years....they would grow up as swedes.

Alas it's too late now without death getting involved.

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