Accepting Jesus's sacrifice

Posted by Amanda at 12:02pm Aug 23 '12
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The whole moral of the crucified Jesus story is that he died for you so that anything bad you do your not to be held accountable, he is. I can't accept that. If I die and find out I'm wrong and the Christian god is real, and he says "I'll give you one last chance, do you accept Jesus's sacrifice?" I'd reply with a firm, "No."

I can not have someone punished for something I did, especially not tortured for three days before they died. If something I did while I am alive is punishable with hell then I want to go to hell and get punished myself. Because I am in the belief that I alone can be held accountable for what I do, the good and the bad, and if the bad needs to be punished by an eternity of torture then I will do that, I however will not allow another be tortured for something I did. I don't see how that can be considered moral and good.
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