Are American Nuns Radical Feminists?

Posted by Sir Four at 11:44am May 31 '12
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That's what the Vatican has said of the largest nun group in the US. Additionally, the nuns are said to be overly focused on working to help the poor, and not spending enough time tackling the evils of abortion and homosexuality.

Here's an article about it.

The nun group in question, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, are deciding how to respond: accept the Vatican's decrees, attempt to negotiate, or renounce their ties with the Church.

Is it me, or has the male Catholic hierarchy moved toward an obsessive focus on pop social conservatism? Bill Donahue, president of the (Orwellian named) Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is always on some crusade to stifle artistic criticism of Christianity or to thwart gay and women's rights. The Catholic Bishops united to denounce the idea of women working at Catholic hospitals an universities getting birth control pills via their insurance policies. Democratic politicians are sometimes threatened with refusal of communion for being pro-choice, but Republicans are never threatened similarly for being pro death penalty or pro war. Concern about the teachings of Jesus on helping the poor and sick seems to be fading, replaced with evangelical-style culture war issues.

What's going on inside Catholicism, and what should the nuns (whom I clearly side with) do in this situation?
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