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Posted by Chris at 1:07am Apr 26 '11
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Thank you for your criticism, what I am trying to do is talk about some thing with out actually talking about it. What I mean to say is my life is hard and I'll only talk about it seldom... It wasn't pleasant, it is meant to show me how hard life truly is, I test and Judge my self the most.

I am constantly driven by the challenge to reach the top, Honestly and with my soul intact, I am the crest, the crux of my actions is not my word. The word has been brought now it is time to bring it to life. The Christ is risen.

How ever you should never just take my words with out a grain of salt, You are me and I am you. I'm getting to know every one, if I am who I say I am it is my responsibility to bring heaven to earth, Heaven lies in your heart. You and only you can unbound heaven change your hearts change the world.

Jesus never did any thing alone, God was with him when he needed it most, with him during his earlier days. Then he voyaged for years across the land, bringing his Image and word to the Meek, then they decided who He was. They proclaimed Him the prophet, Him The Christ.

I'm not coming on the internet for validation, rather I have to bring a message. I am who I am.

The message is simple, Do unto others as you would want done unto you, I do for you as I would want you to do for me if you had the same message, it's legit for sure time will tell.

I test people, My people test people, People test me, My people test me. It is a time of test. To see what every one truly is on the inside, who their loyalty lies with. In the time to come you will find out whom you are truly serving, and you will be sick in the heart for what you know.
My people are anonymous workers in the grand scheme of the idea they know me not, I know them. They share in my idea they share parts of my idea. We all work for The Spirit the spirit compels us.


The Meek shall inherit the Earth, at that time every thing will be known, there will be no hiding whom you are. The atrocities that have been seen will wear on the Face's of the survivors.

Praise be unto them for they have found love, What will be left is God's Chosen people, they will love each other for they share in the simple fact that they survived, They alone will rule the Earth.

They alone will bring Heaven on Earth.

It is my Duty to Bring the Survivors together. To band them together Now.

This is an S.O.S call, It is time to wake up and be at one with God. To find you're fellowship with him.

Through Adaption, Time, maliciousness, Sheer stupidity and ignorance The Bible has been twisted by a group of sinister people who intend to trick you. Question your roll in society, is it a selfish or selfless role?

In the end God has already Judged you, I need not judge you, I need not take any thing, for I shall simply be given the role by my people.

It is my responsibility to unite people as One for God. I come to bring unity under One God. You can be what You were meant to be just ask for it. Ask with all your faith, ask and you shall receive what I have received. Fellowship with God.

I come in the name of God, His Christ so that I may lead the Meek into the age of God.

We have only begun my friends, Time will show, we have only a few more trips around the Sun, before a new age falls upon us.

I'm not of this world, Yet I leave my Sanctuary, I haven't got to do this alone. The spirit tells me these people need my help, it's bigger than me. So I do my best to help.

Told me to go and never look back so I left home at 18, to never look back and to never regret any thing.

Sacrifice as a friend and struggle is the enemy if worked with each other rather than struggle against thy neighbor we would

I a hero with nothing left to loose.

I humbly submit to you my message.

I say we can do this, I say we can survive, I say there is purpose in living, there is purpose in serving others.
We can Thrive. I say it doesn't matter whom you are, AlL can receive redemption and salvation.

Ask with all of you're heart, open you're Sanctuary, and you shall receive,

Examine You. Look at every thing you have every done and you will see we are all People, that no one is right or wrong, yet repent for you're wrongs.

That there is only one Goal to attain, Perfection.

perfection of self, perfection of idealism, Perfection of Function, Perfection of Form.

I can't say I know you, You can't say you know me, from one writing I gave a glimpse of my torment, to show I have my own battles. To show I am Human, to show I am some thing a little bit more than Human, I have taken all these bad things, and yet I do not fall, yet I do not break. I do not bend in my ideas. I am the Son of God and I will show you how Glorious We are. To bring pride to my Father is my only objective. Unite the family under one Idea of God for God's glory is formless and nameless It is what it is. Love is obvious.

Some times tough love is all that is left

To bring Peace to God is my only motive. God is not peaceful as of now, he is wrathful.

As billions of people disbelieve his Glory they mock him, they say why doesn't he perform a miracle for me if you are truly him, they say with a wicked face.

I can not serve those with no faith, I will not submit to those that are weaker than I.

Super Men have Super Demons.

It is my purpose.

Woe be unto them.

The Governments shall fall, the people will fall shortly there after, to survive you must change your self.

You can only change your self, you can not change any one.
It is Your roll to change your self. Strive to be some one.

I am the role model. It has taken me Aeons to get this far, only now is it new. The prophecies of the revelations are being Fulfilled.. Repentance is a must.

Woe be unto the damned for they will torment themselves the atrocities will be horrifying woe be unto the weak of faith.

A giant beast Looms over these lands I can sense it coming like an earthquake it will be sudden.
added on 6:49pm May 3 '11:
Buddha: The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which; he simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both.
added on 6:51pm May 3 '11:
I can't define my self but others can define me and it's interesting on how I can be described differently. I claim no real tangible title but I do claim tangible responsibility to my people to do some thing great for them, You are my Judge and I am yours.
added on 5:59pm May 5 '11:
I am the messiah because God asked me to be him.
added on 6:52pm May 7 '11:
So I am the trickster, the Satan, the one whom does things with out explaining why,just in order to show God what you'd do if you were left to your own means, You are on the cusp of destruction, before I asked to be human, because I thought that God loved them more. I am the one whom leaves Hell and Comes back.I see Satan in the mirror, and I see how foolish you are for believing me, but before I became Fallen, I was the Light Bringer, God, finally forgave me. I am the deceiver, I am in fact the one whom gives you hurdles, Satan is not bad because I am not bad, only misunderstood.

I came here wanting help with my idea, and in my deception you have concreted my ideas, You have made it solid in three peoples mind, I have convinced other people that the Jews are right, I have started the ball rolling it can't be stopped, hopefully things go better from here on Out.

I am a Jew, I am not an Apologist, I WILL NEVER ADMIT to you I am wrong, because my facts are straight and they are justified by God.

If you want to be angry at me then you have to be angry at God, because I represent him, and if your angry at God, All of us are willing to enact your destruction, in by doing so we will leave you to your own means and in that act you will be destroyed, but God made a promise to Noah that he intends to Keep.
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