I have COVID-19!

Posted by Psilocybin at 7:24pm May 15 '23
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On Saturday I had some bad hypnagogic episodes in the morning, but figured it was probably just from eating both a big apple fritter and a glazed doughnut the day before when Stan Man bought us all doughnuts. I was hoping I wasn't becoming diabetic.

Then I went shoppong with my mother at the 99 Cent Store. After she took me home, I drank one of the Frappuccinos I bought and started feeling bad. I was short of breath and could only think about my immediate physical sensations. I lay in bed, then had chicken penne alfredo for dinner. I asked my staff Dee to take my forehead temperature because I was short of breath and suspected it might be COVID-19. He took it and said i was normal. But I still felt bad.

No sleep Saturday/Sunday night. I stayed up from 3:00-6:40 a,m. watching music videos. My nose was starting to run, and I suffered frequent sneezing. Time was going by soooooo sloooooowly for me. I was wondering if this was just the common cold? And my neck and spine were in pain; I was hoping it wasn't meningitis.

When Pia came Sunday, she tested me for COVID, and I tested positive. I was actually relieved it was COVID, because that meant that (1) I had an answer to what was wrong and (2) it wasn't diabetes or meningitis.

As of right now, I can think clearly again, and I actually had a dream last night, but I'm still sneezing frequently. I feel some shattering pain in my innards, too, and I've had to ask for headache medicine twice since I started showing COVID symptoms.

I've had to stay in my room, so I haven't had much time to talk to Stan Man or Dee, and I can't have housemates like Ken or Aaron in my room. I can't touch the phone, either. I imagine the social isolation will make me start feeling really drained soon; I am an extrovert and I need to spend a lot of time every day talking to people in order to feel good (and not muffled!)

I really hope I didn't give it to Mom, and God forbid she give it to Dad!

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