How's your waist-to-height ratio?

Waist to height ratio 'more accurate than BMI' - Telegraph
Measuring the ratio of someone's waist to their height is a better way of predicting their life expectancy than body mass index (BMI), the method widely used by doctors when judging overall health and risk of disease, researchers said.
Posted by Kromey at 1:44pm May 14 '13
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Everyone knows about BMI. Hopefully y'all also know how shitty a measure of anything other than your BMI it actually is.

If you've read my posts on my current weight-loss efforts (yes, I didn't post one last month, next post on that will go into why), you've seen me pushing a different measure, WHR, or waist-to-hips ratio, which is a better indicator of things like heart disease risk.

Now there's a new WHR: waist-to-height ratio. New research suggests (ugh, I sound like a "science journalist"!) that those with a waist-to-height ratio of under 0.50 are more likely to live longer.

At 69 inches tall (insert joke here), my last waist measurement of 44.5 inches puts my waist-to-height ratio at 0.645. I think I'm actually better now, my waist seems smaller than that 6-week-old measurement, but I'll find out tomorrow.

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