February month-end results

Posted by Kromey at 1:27pm Mar 12 '13
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I know this is late -- halfway through March and I'm only just now posting February's progress. I was busy getting ready for a business trip to Minneapolis, and then busy being in Minneapolis.

Weight: 237.4 lbs (down 5.0 lbs for the month/5.2 lbs for the year)
BMI: 35.1

I neglected to record waist and hip measurements on the 27th, so here's my WHR stats for the previous week:
Waist: 45.3 in
Hips: 44.2 in
WHR: 1.02

Recall that I didn't start tracking these measurements until partway through January, and then was using an inaccurate method until the 2 most recent measurements when I finally found my body tape. Still, by the measurements I do have this is down 0.9 in on my waist and 1.3 in on my hips, although it also means my WHR is unchanged. (Which is not unexpected -- the whole point is that WHR fluctuates less than weight and is therefore a more reliable measure of fitness as it's largely unaffected by simply having a big dinner.)

Overall weight loss progress is slower than I'd like: at this rate I'll only be down about 31 lbs by year-end. Still, progress is progress, and with a bit more effort on the diet and a better workout routine there's still time to get back on track to reach my goal of 50 lbs this year!

I've gotten into a routine now of eating a 90-calorie Special K cereal bar for breakfast. It's not super-filling, obviously, but given my usual morning routine of having precisely zero time to prepare even something as simple as oatmeal, it's better than nothing. I'm thinking I'll start eating a bowl of oatmeal for lunch (although at the moment there's leftover pizza that needs to be eaten), which is filling but still low-calorie while being high in other good things, most notably fiber. Adding a small amount of dried fruit to it as it cooks helps make it more flavorful, which makes it more palatable to eat every day (especially when you change things up and use different dried fruit each day), although that of course adds more calories -- but also adds helpful things like vitamins and antioxidants.
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