On the "nice guys don't get the girl" diatribe

Posted by Someone Else at 5:18pm Feb 23 '13
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Posted this on my Facebook. Thought I'd share it here, see what you guys think.

Facebook has been particularly full of "poor me, I'm a nice guy and so therefore girls never date me" bullshit lately. I would simply like to respond, as a girl, who hates assholes and dates nice guys.

Have I ever gone on a date with an asshole? Sure. Have I ever fooled around with an asshole? Yep. More than a couple, actually. Have I ever stayed with an asshole? Nope.

Have I ever gone on a date with a nice guy? LOADS. Have I ever fooled around with a nice guy? Oh hell yes--and I'm not gonna say how many cuz my mommy reads my facebook and doesn't need to know, but it's been enough that they wouldn't cancel a college class if the only people that were signed up were the nice guys I've slept with. Ahem. Have I ever stayed with a nice guy? Only two of the nine guys I've had relationships with are guys I wouldn't be able to argue weren't assholes.

Have I ever been interested in a self-pitying person? Fuck that noise!! Whether it's self-pitying "boo hoo, I'm so nice, but every girl I know dates dicks" or any other type, self-pitying is a bigger killer of ladyboners than drunken sexist remarks and women-are-property style grabs combined.

Not to mention, for those of you who say you're nice guys but say your female friends only date dicks? That's NOT being nice, that's being a self-centered judgmental asshole. "The guy you went on a date with and subsequently fell in love with is an asshole." On what planet is that sentiment something you would say if you were genuinely nice?

So, shut up and put up. You're a nice guy? Then BE a nice guy. Your actions will speak for themselves.
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