Cry babies

Posted by Grassy Tree at 3:14pm Jan 26 '12
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I've seen numerous girls at my work get so worked up about stupid shit that they're over by the dish pit crying their eyes out...and this is at least 3 times a week someone is crying at work and it's always the girls. And weirdest thing is it's not looked down it's accepted to see them randomly crying somewhere...and no one says anything harsh or mean about it. The last time a guy cried at work everyone made fun of him...well forever, cus it's still happening even though he's long gone...and his tears were over one of the waitress's dumping him. Double standards for the sexes really excites me. I cry I get made fun of and loose respect..they cry and they're helped through it with support and warm shoulders. Fucking bull shit...equality is equal at all..

-over and out-
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