Pokemon x street fighter

Posted by Rick at 11:31pm Feb 13 '16
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A while ago there was a preview for a Pokemon street fighter game.

It was Pokemon in a street fighter 2 style game.

I have not heard any more about it, so my mind is wondering.

so it seemed like the Pokemon would have a fighting style, and their moves would be the sf2 special moves. So what Pokemon are which street fighters?

Here is what I got. Some of these are easy, some are hard and I would like some input...as I no longer know about every Pokemon.

I know the first 151' familiar with the next batch, and it goes down from there to currently I know practically nothing about the current (7th?) generation.

so we'll start out easy.

Hitmonchan....the punching Pokemon....obviously balrog

The kicking fiend hitmonlee.....pretty obviously chunli.

Zangief the giant Russian ...obviously should go to machoke and mchamp...and even machop

My personal favorite of the list blaziken...is sagat. I was tempted for either Ryun or ken....but can you not picture a tiger uppercut being the same as a sky uppercut.

Those are it for obvious...now things get harder.

For dalshim...I'm going with the original psychic fighter type medicham

For Blanca because of the rolls...I go with hitmontop....and I think he can get thunder shock or bolt...so there you go.

For Ryun and ken...I go with sawk and throh....they just seem like the same type with different specialties....and they both where gis

Vega was extremely tough...and there are possibility better Pokemon for him...but my knowledge is now limited. I went with lucario. He's apparently a fighter steel...not psychic but I only saw a cut of part of the movie...it was probably aura sphere not psychic. I don't know if lucario flips around like vega...but steel claw...steel paws.

HARIYAMA is next...I was thinking zangief but the machoke and champ were so much better. Fortunately there was another big man HARIYAMA could learn from....t hawk.

For the joke that dan is...tyrouge the baby fits nicely.

For the final boss bison....fold final boss mewtwo as a fighter...mewtwo x I think as that style.

Currently I don't know for fei-long, cammy, and dj

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