League of Angels

Posted by Rick at 12:52am Jul 13 '15
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It seems like a decent game with very pretty artwork.

But I really not sure if I can recommend it to new players...

Starts out fun, I like the people in my particular Server and guild....which there are literally hundreds of servers. So if you are a social butterfly of MMRPGS...you might get way more enjoyment then someone that doesn't give one iota about other internet people

So lets do the PRO CON game

PRO: There are good people
CON: That probably depends on more which server you are in, and not just server but which company version. I do GTarcade Server 2 Bodicea. So what I say about the people only applies as far as that particular server of that particular brand. I'm told there are far less pleasant people in other servers.

PRO:There are lots of things to do, they do keep adding stuff
CON: while they add stuff, their programming department is not the most competant. THe most heinous recently was the fairies.
They were a little cute thing that increased BR or Battle-Rating. However they got upgraded to really good things...but you lost all your fairies. Incredibly frustrating especially if you paid real money for them. To this day, I still haven't gotten my fairies back...there are at least 4 of them.

PRO: they do usually give compensation for issues
CON: The issues are usually be avoided if they either were better programs or if they didn't go from 10 servers to hundreds in less than a year.
Additional Con: forums are fine, but their in-game ticket system seems like a joke most of the time. good luck getting someone to communicate with you.

PRO:Its a free MMRPG
CON:for a free game, it certainly is becoming an expensive hobby...though that said I am cheap so I shudder to think that its not that expensive to someone.

PRO: the Battle-Rating is what generally rules who wins a battle. You don't need to do any special spending to get through the normal gameplay.
CON: If your going player vs player, you will probably be crushed since the top players get their stuff early by buying it outright...or buying in game hot events.
ADDITIONAL CON: I don't know if this is normal, but you don't "play" your characters during battle. Its all predetermined by BR generally...however you can lose even if you have a higher br than your opponent.
I know how and why I think, but I don't know how to manipulate this system.

Pro: Plenty of Angels, costumes, wings, troops, gems, fishing shooter, cards, that can be done on own.
Pro...sort of: there is a new thing to allow you to do all of it in matter of seconds automatically...I don't know how I actually feel about that. It was clearly a con for battles, to the point its a thing to refresh during a battle because its faster. But for this stuff it makes it go faster, but you aren't even playing...so

It can still be enjoyed, but like I said, you'll get more out of it if your a social butterfly, or if you just like collecting stuff.

BIG PRO: They do give away the currency that is real money (in game Diamonds) comes to about 600 diamonds a month...this is the 3rd month since they've started this practice.
CON:the diamond prices I find completely utterly outrageous.
During the world cup one of the angels allegedly sold for the equivalent of a million dollars...don't know how many diamonds is that.
But I recently got her in another event, I paid 0 dollars, just using what I earned in game for that particular event...granted it took 3 times.
sedway to final PRO
The events do repeat themselves, so the stuff you earn in a given event, save it for next time. It does seem to encourage hoarding.

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