My issue with the 3DS XL

Posted by Sir Four at 9:40am Jul 21 '14
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Overall it's a great handheld system, but the one thing I can't seem to get over is how pixelated the games look on its larger screen. For example, here's Yoshi's Island:

The pixels are noticeable enough to be distracting during play...I just keep wanting the graphics to be nicer. Look at Mario's hat, for instance. Or the smiley flower's petals.

I get that the XL has the same resolution of the smaller 3DS screen--they just used larger pixels to make the screen physically larger. I just wonder if they could've made it higher resolution and added some hardware to up-scale the graphics. They could've even made it an option for game developers to support higher resolution (slap an "HD" logo on games that support it, or something).

We're all spoiled by mobile screens that feature ridiculously good resolutions. I just wish Nintendo would have done a little better with theirs.

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