Thief (the new one)

Posted by Kromey at 2:13pm Jun 16 '14
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Picked this up on Steam the other day (weekend deal, $16 for the the "Master Thief" edition plus another $2.50 for the bank heist DLC because that looked interesting). I loved the previous Thief games, but had been really hemming and hawing over whether or not I wanted this one.

Reviews seem to be split into two camps:

Those who played the previous games: Universally, these folks seem to despise the new game.
Those who never played Thief before: Universally, these folks seem to adore the new game.

Now you see my dilemma -- I played and loved the old Thief games! What horror that the long-awaited update/reboot of my beloved game would apparently be such a poorly-done remake that I would hate it!

But I dug deeper, and most of the reviews from that former camp complained that the story and lore elements were lost and/or felt incomplete compared to the old games. Oh? Well, I never really got into the lore or story -- I just liked creeping around and stealing everything that wasn't nailed down! So maybe my disinterest in the story/lore of the old games actually means I have more in common with the latter camp.

Anyway, I'm writing this now because I'm bored, but I'm also very sore and unwilling to budge from my couch to go and actually play the game. So this post is largely superfluous, because I can't add my own thoughts on the game. Not yet, anyhow. It's not completely superfluous, though, as this is a good pre-play insight into my expectations going into this game -- namely, that I'm not really sure what to expect, but I'm just hoping for a good stealth-based steal-every-fucking-thing-in-the-world game.

We'll see what I actually got...

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