Dream on gender and gender roles

Posted by Psilocybin at 3:02am Jan 12 '16
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Today as was napping I had a dream.

I was in an office at CIWP, which didn't look like the real CIWP office, when Lita (the director of CIWP) told me I could get a job with Amazon at the office. I decided to tell her that seeing the word "shxpping" on a computer that didn't have my censor program on it would create a problem, but before I could tell her, I became engrossed by an article.

On the outside the article talked about sociology's recognition of genders nowadays. It said it was recognized there were "females, or Tuesday step people; males, or insect people; and possibly gays or third-gender people, or Vegas people". It went on to mention that many stereotypes LGBT people associated with existed, the first one of which was "burrito" people. At the end of the first page it mentioned that some LGBT people did not want to commit to and be stuck with "Jamaica Jane or Phil with Glasses".

I went up to Lita and told her, "Here's a great article about homosexuality and bisexuality".

She said, "Cool".

I opened the box that was the article and all I saw inside was some granola. I couldn't read the granola.

Then I woke up.

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