Quora: Ways to Annoy British People

Posted by Psilocybin at 10:45pm Aug 14 '15
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On the website www.quora.com, to which I subscribe, people ask questions and get them answered by experts.

Today someone asked about ways to annoy the British. Here's the top reply:

What are some interesting ways to annoy British people?
Mike Heroys
Mike Heroys
Upvoted by Clare Celea, I live in the UK.
There are so many ways to annoy us! Where to begin? Try any of the following:

- Call us "Britishers" - we're "the British" or "British people" dammit!

- Cut in front of us in a queue or line - wait your turn, please!

- Sit in the seat next to us when there are empty seats further away

- Tell us that you "love our accent" when we're travelling in America; we don't have an accent, we speak the Queen's English properly

- Suggest that we get rid of the Pound and switch to the Euro

- Tell us that cricket is a stupid game

- Criticise our national team's performance in any sport - only we're allowed to do that

- Suggest that the BBC is not the greatest broadcasting organisation in the world

- Ask us how we are and expect to get an honest answer - we're always "fine", "good" or "OK"

- Say that we couldn't have won World War 2 without American help and that the war only began 'properly' in 1942 when the US entered the war

- Fly the Union Jack upside down

- Say that the Falkland Islands belong to Argentina and that Gibraltar belongs to Spain

- Tell us that Monty Python isn't funny

- Imply that we don't have the best Army, Navy and Air Force in the world

- Be unable to understand English, particularly when we're shouting questions at you loudly and slowly in your own country

- Spell the words "colour", "flavour" or "favourite" without the "u"

- Make a film about zombies and call it "World War Zee" - it's "World War Zed", idiot!

And most annoying of all:

- Not be able to provide a cup of tea on demand

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