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Posted by Psilocybin at 7:49pm Jun 8 '14
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After finally getting off that horrid Luvox, I've been having several dreams a night, and now I'm remembering them for once (or twice or thrice or . . .)

In one dream I had what looked like a globe of the world at a distance. Europe looked pretty white, Africa pretty black, China pretty yellow, and the U.S. and Canada covered with mixed specks.

Then I walked up closer and saw the people I had constructed. All of them were famous people. People of European stock were made with white skin, sub-Saharan Africans with black skin, Asians with yellow skin, Jewish people with gold skin, non-Jewish groups from the Middle East with olive skin, South Asians with brown skin, Native Americans with red skin, and Hispanics with pink skin (I don't remember any Pacific Islanders or Portuguese/Brazilian people). I realized the detail I had put into my paper creations. Actual hair colors were copied, and the people who had beards in real life had beards on this "globe" as well. In the U.K., I had a Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon, along with a black-skinned Tom Jones (of course, he's really a Welsh-blooded blue-eyed soul singer, bot that's not how it was in my dream). When I looked at the British people I had constructed, I discovered that most of them were Black (=black-skinned).

In another dream my family had been staying at a hotel-like building with yellow walls for about a year. Many Asian people stayed (or lived?) there. Then, all of a sudden, I was taken cross-legged throigh the air and into another level, with my hands in my mouth, being painfully bitten, and the feeling that my testicles were being pinched. I then went down several floors, and wondered if I was going to Hell. I wondered if the infernal pinching of my testicles was punishment for being bisexual during life, and figured that the manual pain could refer to any of the myriad things people do with their hands that I had done wrong.

Then I entered a room wherein I saw a man with brown hair and glasses wearing a red suit. He asked me questions. When he asked me a question to which the answer was two, I lifted two fingers on my left hand. Then he asked me a question to which the answer was five, and I was able to make a Roman numeral (V) with two fingers of my right hand. I then discovered that my right hand was free to move, and it was only my left hand that was under the clamp of my jaw. I figured that it had to do with the tradition about the left hand being evil.

I went down another level, still with the scrotal and sinistromanual clamping, and by now was torn fifty-fifty as to whether this was afterlife or a dream. It didn't seem like Hell around me -- I saw many Asians, mostly old women and baby girls. I was in a hotel room. There was a lot of pink clothing and furniture (bathtubs, etc.)

The next thing I remember was waking up. I was sucking on my left hand, and I had my junk clutched in my right hand.

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