How Different European Countries View Each Other

How do different European countries view each other? [615x273]
A Pew poll of residents in a selection of European countries. Which countries are considered trustworthy? Arrogant? Compassionate?
Posted by Sir Four at 8:31am Jun 9 '13
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I found it interesting, maybe you will, too. In the Most Trustworthy category, Germany is the nearly-unanimous winner (the Greeks disagree). Least Trustworthy is all over the place. Interestingly, Italians find their own country the least trustworthy. For Most Arrogant, France is unsurprisingly in the running (even the French agree!). But Germany takes it. Germans find themselves the least arrogant. Actually, most countries selected themselves as least arrogant. Similarly, every country named themselves Most Compassionate. Least Compassionate went to Germany, but Britain showed up a few times.

Britain considers France the least trustworthy and most arrogant of Europe. This is also unsurprising.

This data comes from this link, which has interesting poll results on the economic conditions of the EU. Basically, everybody is pessimistic except the Germans who are feeling just spiffy.

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