Hey Brits/UKers/maybe others

Posted by Kromey at 3:08pm Dec 27 '11
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Is the phrase "Go/Run like a stabbed rat" a common one? Or was it just one bloke's insanity that happened to get aired on international television?

Some background: After watching the DVR'ed Doctor Who Christmas special (absolutely fucking awesome, btw!), I found myself watching Top Gear, some kind of countdown of their best shows or something. This particular phrase was spouted by one of the guys on the show talking about the electric motor he'd just cannibalized to use in the electric car they were building from scratch -- he was evidently very proud of what would later turn out to be a very under-powered motor. It did indeed run like a stabbed rat, though -- if said rat had been stabbed through the heart...

That phrase really jumped out at me. It's one that I'd never heard before, but was instantly clearly recognizable for exactly what it meant. Contrast that with "waking up on the wrong side of the bed", which when taken literally makes no sense whatsoever...
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