Video...girl kills person over ps4

Posted by Rick at 10:16pm Jun 29 '16
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And gets 40 years.

She is 18, 16 when the crime went down.

Over the course of the video Mario makes it clear he wouldn't support the death penalty. Yet as he is arguing he is fine with her punishment, to me he inadvertently argues in favor of the death penalty.

He is not for a life for a life. But between getting out at 50 plus, who knows if she will have family waiting on her, he would be fine with life in prison, and then prison life....if you don't want her to realistically get out then why not just execute her.

She won't get out, you don't have to clothe feed, take care of her, it's one less criminal to worry about, and you don't have to worry about recidivism / then getting out only for them to realize they are an institution person now and do something to go back in or kill themselves.

added on 10:18pm Jun 29 '16:

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