Passenger's ponytail blocks movie on flight

Posted by Psilocybin at 7:18pm Mar 9 '17
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Dante Ramos, a writer for the Boston Globe, was riding on a flight from Houston to Boston and watching a movie in-flight. The passenger in front of him had a brown ponytail that hung right over the back of her seat and obstructed Ramos' movie. He tweeted a photo of that ponytail to his Twitter account -- and, being a journalist, he has a lot of people following his account.

The ponytail photo went viral, and was proclaimed as a sort of exposé on bad manners during airplane flights. Many people online shamed the girl with the ponytail, and said she deserved to be shamed. The story made new websites across the Internet. The story at talks about the tweets it has engendered. My favorite quote is "Airlines need to add millennial or non-millennial sections".

The girl eventually did move her ponytail out of the way when Dante Ramos pointed it out to her, but the contempt for her on the Internet remains. Do all of you believe this is just one more example of young people disregarding social conventions, or do all of you believe this was unintentional?

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