Breakfasts on the go

Posted by Kromey at 12:54pm Jun 12 '15
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I hate getting up in the morning. While this perhaps the most common sentiment among human beings across all of the big wide Multiverse, for me at least it results in staying in bed until just about the last possible minute; then it's off to take a shower, then make coffee and breakfast and I'm out the door.

Because this doesn't leave time to actually eat said breakfast, I typically am making something pretty quick that I can wrap up and take with me. To be less vague about it, I toast a bagel, cook a piece of bacon and an egg, and then slap them all together into a yummy sammich as I head out the door.

While good, I wouldn't mind introducing some variety here. This is where you come in, 4K: What are some good, quick, easy breakfasts that you can take on the go?

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