Kentucky lawmaker violates 1st Amendment

Posted by Kromey at 11:06pm Nov 25 '12
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A Kentucky lawmaker has been the driving force between numerous laws that brazenly violate the 1st Amendment's religious protections, pushing through law after law after law putting God and Jesus into Kentucky government, schools, and public buildings.

His antics have already cost the state over $160,000 in legal fees after losing lawsuit after lawsuit to the ACLU, and they still owe another $400,000 -- to say nothing of pending suits, such as one against a 2006 "homeland security" law proclaiming that security can only be found in Almighty God.

This is what happens when you elect Republican preachers to office...

Oh, wait, he's a Democrat. And a Democratic governor signed it.

Well, doesn't that just blow the whole narrative out of the water...
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