Need help with blacklisting images

Posted by Psilocybin at 1:22am Dec 8 '17
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When I first downloaded AdBlockerPlus for Firefox (Mozilla), I delighted in my ability to right-click on an image and choose the bottom option on the menu to delete it. The image would no longer load, and I would never again see it as long as I was using that browser on that computer.

Recently, however, my computer has had an update, and that ability to blacklist new images just isn't working anymore. When I right-click on an image, I now get an ABP stop sign icon with the words "Block element" at the bottom of the menu.

When I click "Block element", it gives me a message that asks, "Add filter?". I've tried typing in "Yes", I've tried typing in the code at the top of the message, I've even tried not typing in anything, but no matter what I try, I can't get this image to disappear. What did Mozilla do to the image-blacklisting option, and how can I now continue to delete images I don't like?

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