Some random thoughts...

Posted by C at 5:19am Apr 7 '14
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Qihoo 360 Internet Safety is now my favorite AV software instead of MSE. Times have changed.

I finally got around to installing Bluestacks. It's so much easier to stream Clash of Clans now. I'm not sure wtf took me so long.

Remind me never to buy another Sony Xperia device. Locked bootloaders are fucking lame.

Was stoked to find out that my Amazon Fire Game Controller works on my [private] 7.

Windows 8.1 was a pain in the ass to upgrade to from 8.0, after running the 8.1 beta. I still haven't gotten around to re-installing everything. Microsoft really fucked the beta users over on that one.


Yup, that about rounds it up.

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