The NAS Thread

Posted by Trogdor at 12:29am Feb 7 '14
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Conversation stimulation time!

Do you have a NAS?
Did you build it yourself or did you buy one ready to go?
How much raw space vs usable space do you have?
What do you use it for?
Is it just storage or does it act as a server for other things like media streaming and such?

I've got a home built NAS, it is an HP L40N server with 4 * 3 Tb drives in it. It uses FreeNAS 9.2 installed on a USB drive inside the machine.

It has 12 Tb of raw storage but as I have it using RAIDZ1 there is about 8 Tb usable. I lose 3 Tb but I gain redundancy.

It is currently being used to store my movies and TV shows, general file share, and it also acts as a Timemachine Backup server for my Mac.

Now that I have been able to get Plex server running on it I am trying to convince the people I live with to start using the PS3 to watch movies with instead of the AppleTV as with the AppleTV setup I still need to leave my computer on with iTunes open.

I have been doing some research on building a newer, bigger one. Since I first built it I've learnt a bit more about better ways to setup and configure things so if I were to do it now there are definitely some things I would do differently.

Assuming I keep using data at the rate that I am, it should be full by the end of the year, if not earlier.

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