Adobe's Photoshop + Lightroom combo

Posted by Sir Four at 9:02am Jan 24 '15
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For most of its existence, Photoshop has been prohibitively expensive for many amateurs and hobbyists to purchase. Then, controversially, Adobe decided to release the newest version on a subscription basis rather than charge a large upfront price. Personally, I didn't like the idea of it: renting your software instead of owning it?

However I've come around. Adobe is now advertising a subscription deal: you get the latest, greatest version of Photoshop plus Adobe Lightroom for the eminently reasonable price of $10/month. First month is free, so I'm on my free month right now.

Coming from Photoshop CS2, there are many differences to get used to. But I'm really loving it. It's such powerful software, you could dedicate years to learning all that it's capable of.

Lightroom is great as well. It's for "developing" images taken in raw format. After learning about raw vs JPG, I'm trying to use raw more often. The difference is that raw files hold much more detail that you can work with.

So yeah I'm shilling for Adobe I guess, but I think this is a great deal!

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