Some images that may make good mobile wallpapers

Posted by Sir Four at 2:24pm Dec 6 '12
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Occasionally when I come across something I think would make a good wallpaper, I'll save it and maybe try it out. I probably change my phone's wallpaper once every month or two.

So I thought I'd share some of them with 4k! I *'d the ones I've personally used.

*An abandoned power plant. I'm using this one right now.

Beach sunset.

I think this is located in Portugal. Dragon lake.

*A canyon stream.

I think this is Chicago.

* I like this one a lot.

For you Lost fans.

* This one looks really great as a wallpaper.

A hedge maze, not sure where.

This is Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Beautiful place.

Snowy roofs, not sure where.

I liked this night time scene.

* I centered this one on the ball, of course.

Some nice waterfalls.

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