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Posted by Brandied at 12:45am Nov 15 '12
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About a year and a half ago one of my coworkers asked me to paint something for him. I had no idea what to paint. I work better with direction. I had a few ideas but none of them ever enticed me to put them on canvas.

Leap frog forward a year and said coworker's book comes out in print (it had already been available electronically for some months). So, to commemorate his first book in print and to finally give him a painting he requested 18+ months ago, I have painted his book.

Sort of:

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Please disregard my mess...

My intention originally was to paint a replica of the cover. The only problem with that is that I am a horrid perfectionist when it comes to doing replicas. Therefore, after trying to drive myself mad, I settled on more of an artist's rendition of the book.

And if he decides he hates it; I like it, so I'll just keep it. I rather like the way it turned out.
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