What is the 4th Kingdom And Why Should I Join?

An independent young adult community with members from around the world. 4thKingdom blends a retro style with some experimental community elements, which results in a lively site that attracts and retains intelligent and friendly people.

Is it like Facebook or LiveJournal?

No, our focus is not on profiles, journals, blogs, or feeds. The focus of 4thKingdom is on message boards (forums) and the debate, contests, discussions, etc. which take place on them. We have an unusually high quality membership, protected by our barrier to entry. If you like to talk about subjects as diverse as parenting, current events, music, faith, and computers, you'll like 4thKingdom.

You don't show ads? Who pays for this?

We don't show any ads anywhere on the site or send any spam. 4thKingdom is supported by its members through voluntary upgrades to "premium" accounts. The premium accounts offer some bonus features. But regular accounts are free.

What did you mean by "experimental community elemets"?

In somewhat of a social experiment, we have added a site-wide currency system and items that can be bought and sold. There is a status system with leveling up. We'd like to see how far this system can be developed, and in fact ideas are in the works to set up a democratically-elected government. Many people find these elements to be a fun addition to the site, but by all means nobody is forced to participate in them.

Why can't I browse all your boards without an account?

One of the benefits of 4thKingdom is that it is private, meaning no one can view these posts without an account. A few example posts are linked down below for you to read. New - we recently opened up certain boards and allowed some threads to be public. See the home page for links.

Sample 4thKingdom Posts -- A Sneak Peek at What's Inside

A pair of posts that you may find interesting, by Four Degreez: Thoughts on New York City and Is Tool a New-Age Band?

Poetry is also popular in our community. Read a poem by jackie joy: Fifteen hundred miles

Here is an interesting post by Temujin, Is racism a natural and inevitable occurrence?

We have a lot of debates here in the Kingdom, and religion is often a hot topic. We have members on all sides. My apologies for the fact that these are out of context, but here is a post with an atheist perspective, by kurt, and a Christian perspective, by lealila. Here is another interesting perspective: American Christianity by Larry.

You'll have to request an account to see the hundreds of thousands of other posts on our site.